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Steering Couplings

Part Number Description Picture
SWP351 Female spline diameter = 16.5mm - Length tip to toe = 105mm swp351
SWP357 Range Rover steering coupling pad Overall diameter = 73.55mm 8mm bolt holes Thickness = 33mm PCD = 53mm swp357
SWP359 Female spline diameter at longest end = 17mm - Torcelain tube at other end. Total length tip to toe = 375mm swp359
SWP362 Tip to toe = 137mm - 10 female splines - 18mm key way at other end [END ONLY] That fits on SWP363 swp362
SWP363 Centre UJ to Centre UJ = 135mm - tip to toe = 820mm swp363
SWP364 Female spline diameter = 18.5mm - diameter of male pin = 14.5mm - tip to toe = 121mm swp364
SWP367 Steering coupling pad Overal diameter = 76.8mm - 8mm holes - Thickness at thickest point = 13.2mm - PCD = 51.3MM swp367
SWP370 From tip to centre of 1st UJ = 320mm - UJ to UJ = 65mm - centre of UJ to end = 775mm swp370
SWP371 Square drive at UJ end - Splines at other end. Diameter od splines = 17.30mm Length tip to toe = 390mm swp371
SWP372 Square drives at each end - no splines male or female 595mm tip to toe swp372
SWP373 SWP373 [WAS BEDCF1] Female spline diameter at UJ end = 14.78mm - Hole at other end with no splines = 15mm - Tip to toe = 325mm swp373
SWP374 Hole at coupling end - no spline - diameter - 15mm - Male spline at other end diameter = 15.7mm - tip to toe = 255mm swp374
SWP375 Shortest end has a female spline - diameter = 14mm - Length from tip of spline to centre of uj = 158mm- from there to centre of middle UJ = 210mm - from there to tip of tread = 500mm swp375
SWP376 Female spline at UJ end = 14.2mm diameter - Male spline at other end = 15.8mm diameter - Length tip to toe = 250mm swp376
SWP377 Outer diameter = 75mm / thickness = 11.5mm / 8mm bolt holes x 4 - 2 flush, 2 countersunk swp377
SWP378 Female spline diameter = 16.5mm - 230mm Tip to toe swp378
SWP379 380mm Tip to Toe - Female spline diameter = 14mm - Male spline diameter = 17mm - Length of spline = 40mm swp379
SWP380 380mm Tip to Toe - Female spline diameter = 14mm - Male spline diameter = 17mm - Length of spline = 60mm swp380
SWP381 385mm tip to toe - female spline diameter = 13.6mm swp381
SWP382 Torcelain tube - 285mm tip to toe - Female spline diameter = 16mm swp382
SWP383 285mm tip to toe - female spline diameter = 17.3mm swp383
SWP384 290mm tip to toe - female spline diameter = 17.3mm swp384
SWP385 Plain rectangular drive at longest end. Diagonally = 20mm-left to right = 14mm - Plain square drive at other end = 14mm - total length = 275mm Excluding tilting steering column swp385
SWP386 Rectangular key way at one end - 18.55mm corner to corner - female spline diameter = 13.4mm - 100mm tip to toe swp386
SWP387 Tip to toe = 91mm - female spline at both ends diameter = 14mm swp387
SWP388 Tip to toe = 180mm - female spline diameter at long end = 15mm - female spline diameter at short end = 14mm swp388
SWP389 270mm tip to toe - female spline diameter = 16.6mm swp389
SWP390 Hole diameter / no spline = 18.5mm - Diameter of male pin = 14.5mm swp390
SWP391 Female splines both ends, diameter = 14mm - tip to toe = 81mm swp391
SWP392 Tip to toe = 240mm - no splines at either end swp392
SWP393 Female spline diameter = 15.4mm - tip to toe = 274mm swp393
SWP394 Female spline diameter at one end = 14.7mm - female spline at other end = 18.7mm - tip to toe = 350mm swp394
SWP395 Female spline diameter = 18.35mm - diameter of male pin at other end = 17.10mm - tip to toe = 380mm swp395
SWP396 Female spline diameter = 14mm - Male spline diameter = 14.20mm - tip to toe = 415mm swp396
SWP397 Female spline diameter - 15.10mm - tip to toe - 430mm - Ford No: 82GB-3K677-A1A – 6133690 swp397
SWP398 Female spline diameter = 18.6mm - tip to toe = 315mm swp398
SWP420 Total length = 43.20mm Both holes = 8mm swp420
SWP4738 395mm tip to toe / female spline diameter = 18.67mm - Male spline diameter = 18.5mm swp4738
SWP535 520mm tip to toe Diameter of female splines at both ends = 24.6mm swp535
SWP6669 990mm tip to toe Centre UJ to centre UJ = 167mm swp6669
SWP7387 Both ends female spline - Diamete = 18.3mm - Length tip to toe = 100mm swp7387
SWP7704 Both ends female spline- Diameter = 18.3mm - Length tip to toe = 82.50mm swp7704